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Web TV – Providing supporters with action, tips, news and adventure

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Web TV – Providing supporters with action, tips, news and adventure

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Web TV – Providing supporters with action, tips, news and adventure

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Web TV – Providing supporters with action, tips, news and adventure

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Aerial 1080 poison drops are increasing, all across New Zealand. Please share these video clips which document the operations and highlight the reasons for concern - for further information, please visit www.youtube.com/thegrafboys or www.1080science.co.nz or to make contact ... info@tvwild.co.nz or NigelWayne@tvwild.co.nz



Rescue Helicopters Used to Poison Deer - Tourists Speak Out

49 Dead Kiwi - Pukaha - Mt Bruce - A Predator Free Case Study

Stag VS Photographer - Fiordland

Deer Mass-poisoned Lake Taupo - Farmer Speaks Out

1080 Poison Dropped Directly into Coromandel Water Supplies

Is 1080 Poison Safe When Aerially Dropped into Water? EPA ...

Is Operation Nest Egg Killing Kiwi? - Tongariro Forest

DoC Responsible for Causing Rat Plagues

Trout Mass-poisoned in New Zealand

Councillors Led "Down the Garden Path" ...

1080 Poison Coverups - Farmers Speak Out

The users tell us ... "1080 poison IS humane!" ...

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Gareth Morgan's dream - is it ecocide? Video below ...

To view the 4x international award-winning  documentary - POISONING PARADISE - CLICK  HERE

Question : Do you think Stewart Island should be aerially spread with brodifacoum poison? (Watch the clip above for more info) CLICK HERE TO VOTE NOW!

Was Ulva Island illegally poisoned? - (This paper was written prior to the 2011 drop) click here to find out more

   About TV Wild & The Graf Boys

After going through the process of putting together a group of tv series, Roarin in Reds, Roaring Reds of the Rugged South, The TV Wild series, and Wild Weekend Adventures, The Graf Boys wanted to get some other new action out - and the best and fastest way of providing supporters with action, tips and adventure, was to do it directly – via the net.

Footage varies from hunting, to fishing, to general outdoors and wildlife - including the controversial use of 1080 poison, which is aerially spread across more than 50% of New Zealand forests. The poison is used to control possums and rats, but also kills deer, birds, insects, farmers' stock, and pets. Not a good look for "Clean-Green-New Zealand", some folk argue.

The Graf Boys have spent the last 10 years highlighting the risks of using aerial 1080 poison across New Zealand forests. Their websites www.thegrafboys.org and www.youtube.com/thegrafboys contain information, research, and links to some of their previous projects. If you would like to know more about The Graf Boys, please click here

Unsuccessful Pilot Episode for Maori TV 

The Irish Rovers - Theme Song - The Keeper

Big Stag Gets too Close to Photographer 

UK Decomposition Timelapse VS Poisoned Deer from New Zealand

Extremely Rare Footage of Nocturnal Kiwi Bird Doing This

Rat Plague Erupts on Stewart Island

Family Poisoned with 1080 - District Health Board Responds

Kea Killed in 1080 Poison Drops

NZ First Exposes TB Fraud?

1080 Poison Dropped Directly into Auckland's Water Supply

Poisoning Paradise - Ecocide New Zealand (4 x International Award Winner)

Mt Pirongia Poison Drop Breaches Warning Label

Photo Essay - New Zealand - Clean, Green, 100% Pure

Cattle die after 1080 poison drop in Waikato

Farmers and locals fight to keep 1080 out of their waterways ...

SPCA condemn mass-poisoning of deer - Farmer speaks out ...

Question : Should 1080 poison be dropped into New Zealand streams and forests? (Watch the video clip above for more info) CLICK HERE TO VOTE NOW!

Question: Do you think the users of aerially dropped 1080 poison should be prosecuted for mass-scale, animal cruelty? Vote now!

1987 Votes
survey results


If you would like to learn more about the use of 1080 poison in NZ, from scientists not employed by the users of 1080, please visit 1080SCIENCE.CO.NZ


Help save the kea! The kea is endangered, with some estimates putting their numbers at less than 1000 birds. Please click on this link, and consider helping out...     


TV WiLD action is broadcasting on Sky TV – Country99, and the following regional channels around New Zealand ...

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