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Web TV – Providing supporters with action, tips, news and adventure

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Web TV – Providing supporters with action, tips, news and adventure

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Web TV – Providing supporters with action, tips, news and adventure

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About The Graf Boys


Website_The_Graf_Boys_2_small.jpgThe Graf Boys were introduced to the outdoors by their father, Egon. For a period spanning 30 years, Egon Graf was a professional deer hunter, based in Te Urewera National Park.

Te Urewera National Park is different from other national parks around New Zealand. It has no open tops, or snow-capped mountains. The valley floors are tight, with dense bush encroaching on many of the streams. There are very few wide-open river beds, and the ridges fracture off in zigzag fashion across much of its 220,000 hectares.



GRAF_BOYS_001.jpgThe meat-hunter’s life was hard yakka. Animals had to be carried out of the bush, whole, before any money was made. However, the use of a pack frame (shown below) made it possible to carry the heavy loads - sometimes over 110 kilograms - out of the dense bush, effectively.


Hunting full-time, and carrying the heavy loads left no excess fat on the body. Egon often jokes that he was surprised his legs didn't snap off and end up in his butt, but perhaps more surprisingly was, that after carrying thousands of deer out of the national park on his back, he never had a serious injury or fall - and to top it off - has never been lost in the bush! It's an astounding accomplishment. Egon turned 80 this March, and he's still hunting now!

Website_GRAF_BOYS_pack_frame.jpgIn 1996, Egon’s youngest son Steve made a trip to Canada, and armed with only a video camera, captured some amazing wildlife footage. Upon his return he teamed up with his brother Clyde, and together they began to make The Graf Boys' videos.

Since then, The Graf Boys have produced six hunting and outdoors DVD titles, and two documentaries. Their most recent documentary, Poisoning Paradise, has won four international awards (England, Ireland, Japan, and Culture Unplugged online festival). Click here to watch Poisoning Paradise. New TV series are now on the way.

The next step in their filming ventures was to provide you - the hunter, the fisherman, the outdoorsman – with unique, easy-to-access action, tips and adventure – free. For this reason, TV WiLD was born.

Poisoning Paradise: Ecocide New Zealand (2009) on IMDb

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